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                    In 2001, Huizhou FuSheng Lighting and Electric CO., LTD was established. We mainly manufactured the quartz halogen lamps at the early times. FuSheng is the first company which has already applied and passed the   TUV explosion-proof certification in China, therefore our company rapidly gains the recognition from customers and markets ,and is widely known as its high quality in Halogen Lamps area.

                    In 2005, Australia first proposed the elimination of incandescent lamps。 In a broad sense, halogen lamp belongs to incandescent lamp, so the enterprises who made halogen lamps felt the crisis. We needed to find new products to survive. After doing researches,   FuSheng have chosen three new products: CFL, HID and LED to replace halogen lamps.

                    In 2007, FuSheng new industrial park which covered an area of more than 25,000 square meters  was completed in the high tech Development Zone. Then FuSheng started to make these three new products. But after more than one year’s exploration, FuSheng believed that only LED can replace halogen lamps, and become the mainstream of lighting in the future because of its energy saving and environmental protection. So in 2008, FuSheng made the decision to give up CFL and HID lamps ,only retained LED department. In this year, LED spotlight got the customers’ and markets’ recognition, large quantities were exported to Europe. Later, as the market and customer demanded, FuSheng gradually developed G9, G4, R7S, and LED bulb series to instead of halogen and energy-saving lamps.

                    So far, LED products have been all over the traditional halogen lamps varieties. All kinds of halogen lamps have replaceable LED products which have been proved to be reliable products after several years market testing. FuSheng has successfully transited to LED lighting company from the traditional halogen lighting company till now. 

                    All of the FuSheng products are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and other developed countries and regions, which request FuSheng need to pass IS09001 quality management system certification at the beginning of its establishment. We use ISO9001 international standards to require production and managing factory from beginning and forever. All products achieve the CE, ROHS, ERP, SAA, UL, FCC and other certificates, and win recognition from customers and markets, so FuSheng  has been developing and growing continuously. 

                    FuSheng will continue to develop products to meet market demand, to provide customers with value-added services. For products, FuSheng will ensure continuous improvement and the pursuit of zero defects. For customers, FuSheng will ensure that customer’s satisfaction is always our goal.

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